Belgium Waffle Mix
Waffle Mix
   Belgium Waffle Mix | Waffle Iron

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Belgium waffle mix is the best to use when making waffles. Unlike the standard sized waffle, the Belgian waffle is bigger and fluffier; it can be served directly from a Belgium waffle maker in many hotels as part of their free breakfast. The batter is measured with the help of a small disposable cup, poured directly into the waffle maker. The waffle maker will beep when finished, cooking the waffle completely through with absolutely no timing on your part at all. Their popularity in the United States has grown as waffle makers have become idiot-proof. If you can toast bread in a toaster, you can use a waffle maker.

The only thing that you have to be careful about when making waffles at home is to make sure you put the proper amount of Belgium waffle mix into your waffle iron. The commercial irons that are available in restaurants for the cooks and in hotels for guests always use the same amount of batter, so they are self - explanatory. But the ones for home use - these you need to use something to help you measure the proper amount or run the risk of it seeping out through the seams of the waffle iron. Though they might not look pretty when this happens, there is nothing wrong with the waffle as far as eating it. It will taste the same, whether the shape is perfect or not. Hotels want to make it easy for you to get the right amount of batter for two reasons: you will be more likely to use the waffle iron and it keeps the iron from making a mess on their counter which they will have to clean up. By offering the commercial waffle iron, many hotel guests feel as if they are getting more "bang for their buck." It is a much better offering of breakfast choices than just sweet rolls or bagels. This can lead to customer brand loyalty within a hotel chain.

Whether you buy an expensive or inexpensive waffle maker, you will be pleased with the results. It only takes a little bit of practice to get the measurement right, and a waffle maker provides you with near - instant gratification. You can have waffles in just a few minutes. With any Belgium waffle mix, the process is very simple. Most require only the addition of some water and perhaps an egg or two to complete the mix. You can mix it with a handheld mixer or even just by hand with a fork. Once the batter is smooth, you are ready to pour it into the waffle maker.
   For healthy and delicious, have a postum drink. Serious chefs will all wear cooking smocks to keep clean.